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How to verify the file path and its accessibility in Sage ERP X3

checkpath is a function that allows you to verify if a file path is in the white list of the engine and can be accessed. Syntax: checkpath(FILE_PATH,ACCESS_MODE) Parameters: FILE_PATH is the path of a file or a directory which accessibility must be checked. The files do not need to exist, the only check that is done… Read More »

How to Replace Component on work order – Method 1

When it is necessary to substitute components or material on a Work Order BOM, Sage X3 allows the replacement of components on a Work Order if the Product’s Routing allows it. Following are the two methods for replacing a component with a substitution product Method 1: Remove the original component Method 2: Replace a component.… Read More »

How to Find the Number of Fields Defined in a Screen?

We may come across a situation where we would like to know the number of fields in a Screen if it is open.  Sage X3 has a special feature of getting number of fields in a screen with the help of “masknbf” keyword which will return the value in integer. Syntax:    masknbf(<class | num_exp>) Parameter:  … Read More »